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Badtvblog Recaps The Cosmos (Ep3)




Hello and welcome to episode 3 of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “Cosmos.” Come along and let’s learn some facts and be amazed and rub our bodies against pictures of Neil deGrasse Tyson together.

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Bonus scene from the cutting room floor.

And this marks the last of the Mitt Little Brony series (Mitt Romney doc with Brony doc dialogue). Thank you to everyone who said something nice about it and if you missed it go catch up on the full deal over at

For those wondering I’m not a My Little Pony fan and certainly not a Mitt Romney supporter but what surprised me most doing this project was how much more I liked Mitt Romney as a Brony.

It’s vulnerability. Vulnerability, to say that you love something so many others will judge you strangely for. That, as it turns out, is exactly what is missing from the multimillionaire-man-with-a-perfect-wife-and-a-perfect-life(’s) code.


Yes, both documentaries fail to ask any serious questions of its subjects. Yes, some Bronies might want to fuck cartoon ponies, but that’s an italic “might” and although it would’ve been nice to see some questions raised it really doesn’t matter to me one way or the other if they do. On the other hand I do know what Romney wants to fuck and that’s women’s reproductive rights and programs for the poor. Boom haha didn’t think I was gonna sneak in a jab there but I saw the opportunity and took it (pats republican friends on back) sorry about that.

Anyways it was a labor of love and I feel lucky that so many people enjoyed it. I hope everyone out there is doing fine. I’ll end this little journal entry how I ended the MLB project: “Be good to those around you whether they’re into ponys, furries, or republican candidates. We’re all we got.” And I mean that. Love. -Clinto

Mitt Romney doc pt2

We all knew the campaign trail was hard but not like this.



I present to you the season finale of Dogg With a Blog. 

"There Can Only Be One G"

Written and directed by myself.

Starring Snoop Dogg and Stan the dog from Dog With a Blog.

(Prev episodes 1 & 2)

Shit is getting real on Dogg With a Blog

If you don’t think I can stretch this joke into a 3 part comic then you got another thing coming. And by another thing I mean Dogg With A Blog parts 1-3.

So Amazon has this new ad campaign where they encourage you to flirt with their IT people. 

I cannot see how this could go wrong. 


The suspense is killing me.

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This one’s for you Uncle Blazer.

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