Mitt Romney doc pt2

We all knew the campaign trail was hard but not like this.

Great Gatsby captioned exactly how it happened.

Beyonce finds out what I’ve done. I’m sorry B.

Tha final chapter.

Beyonce Documentary captioned exactly how it happened not changed at all

Imagining Taylor Swift singing hardcore rap lyrics is my most cherished hobby

“Brad come back! I can get surgery to make my body hot…”

Tonight on Fox News


They can’t all be honor roll. 

What I imagine the new Snoop Lion album will sound like.

What kind of Bender are you?


The Life and Times of Tumblr Jesus by Clinto

aka “The Greatest Story Ever Reblogged”

Badtvbloggies and gentlemen, I made this for Slacktory and I’m really proud of it but I’ll cry if you don’t look at it.

So look at it.

Slacktory is the shit so support them cause they are supporting original content on the internet right now. Church!

This is the American Idol finale I did not edit this. This is really how it aired. I would not lie to you ever.

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