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ain’t no holodeck big enough 4 these motherfuckers


Fun fact: I had seen actors in Hunt For Red October sliding down ladders like this, and I thought it was really cool. Then, I thought that Wesley grew up on starships, so he probably did the same thing.

Wesley did not get to do too many cool things when he was in the ugly grey spacesuit, but this almost flattens out the curve.

I love that someone GIF’d this with DEAL WITH IT. That’s perfect. And it’s going into my reaction GIFs folder.

Wil Wheaton explains his enthusiastic ladder slide.

Space burn.

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Today on the National Weather Service’s website.

Then there’s this 

i’m done

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Captain Dat Ass.

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With the… reluctant permission of my husband, Brad. I’m going to do what I call, ‘my happy dance’. [x][x]

Get ‘em Takei.

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I drew a picture of McCoy from that one episode where he got a neck tattoo and it wasn’t exactly Starfleet regulation so Spock was mad but pretended he wasn’t mad but really he was
I made it for Lex but she’s not on right now so ~tears 4 years~


yay let’s kill each other


DON’T buy your baby the red one!!

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