Yogurt cup lid Olympics never 4get.

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That was the deal. He’d spend an eternity in hell as long as he was allowed one moment to come back to Earth.

Day after day his soul was tortured in increasingly cruel and humiliating ways yet he stayed patient for his single moment of resurrection. Then one day after years had passed, above all the shrieking and crying, he heard a sound from high above.

"Soo tell me what you want what you really really want." He listened closely… it was coming from Earth.

Looking over to Satan he spoke, “I want to go back now.”

"But why?" asked the Dark Lord curiously. "Why now?"

"Because the Spice Girls are back," he replied. "And I f*cking need to see this." 

(And that is how I explain this picture you’re welcome)

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This looks like one of those reverse pregnancies where the mother comes out of the baby’s vagina.

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Tumblr blogger spotted at the Olympics.

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Ryan Lochte Is Terrible At Interviews Video | [x]

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Michael Phelps’ mom accidently reveals the family secret.

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