That face.

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Diabetes in the trap

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OMG she looks like SpongeBob from the Mac&Cheese box…

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This is a rapper:

His name is 2 Chainz.

He currently struggles with depression.

He really really liked this girl a lot so one day he got up the nerve to talk to her.

And he asked her if he could put it in her kidneys.

She declined.

He was devastated. :(

He lost all motivation to make raps music.

This is a picture of him calling her filling her inbox with breathing sounds and crying noises.

Don’t ever give up 2 Chainz.

One day you will find that special someone who will let you into their kidneys and then you will know true happiness.


boy you got my heartbeat running away

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Lip synching done right.

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Awkward Rachel Maddow is awkward.

Sometimes you choose to photoshop a picture and other times a picture takes you by the balls so hard you black out and wake up on the floor and there’s a bunch of rachel maddow photoshops on your desktop.


This 30-second video of Nicki Minaj explaining what “beez in the trap” means is the most important and wonderful thing I’ve seen today.

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once again peeta chillin with a capitol citizen holla

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