I prefer to think pop stars all beef hard like rappers used to.


Lana Del Rey video bombing Lady Gaga’s Music Videos

"Lady Gaga’s Magic DJ" [Via]

this year a more subtle meat dress

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Music video trend watch 2011

This Would Make A Beautiful Lady Gaga Video

For the Lady Gaga Gif Contribution Club

omg i can’t believe i didn’t catch that

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The Gaga Effect

Judas inspired Bible Verses…

Lady Gaga’s Judas Inspired Bible Verses

Lady Gaga Vs. Britney “Gaga Haha U Fell” Edition

Britney watches the Gaga concert with her friends.

Britney causes the fall using telepathy!?

Britney wants to see that shit again.

Lady Gaga vs Britney is the 2011 Spy vs Spy

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