A disturbing image from last night’s Game of Thrones

"Not a Queen, a Khaleefi."

Wiz Khaleesi/Shitty Mashup As High Art Pt 1

I will not rest until this is in the National Portrait Gallery.

Nailed it.

Knowing the internet as we do, this should be a very useful reaction gif for whoever chooses to wield it

Changing my fbook profile after this week’s game of thrones



I took off work today because I’m still sick.

As I lay on the couch for hours on end watching this week’s game of thrones (for the third time) I got the idea stuck in my head that Jon Snow and Ygritte were essentially the Ice Climbers from Smash Bros.

So I fooled around with photoshop a bit….


Here they are finding a shortcut up the wall on one of Daenery’s dragons.


Here they are with Ygritte’s face all cutely smushed into her furry coat.

I wasn’t really happy with how anything came out so then I decided to just replace Jon with Ice Climber Popo.


Here Jon Snow-Po is, in his classic scene, contemplating whether or not to kill Ygritte.

But replacing Jon with Popo couldn’t end there. In fact it could really only go one place from there.

I needed to try one more scene.


"…that thing you do with your tongue."

You know sometimes when you have an idea for something and then you do it and you don’t like it so you change it and then you change it again and pretty soon you’re left with an abomination of your original idea in the form of a gif of an ice climber going down on a game of thrones character? 

Hi my name is Clinton and I have had one of those days. 

Actual screenshot of Jon Snow and Ygritte from last week’s GOT

Is Cersei gonna have to cut a bitch?


This was a commission for Erik from Awesome Con that I colored! Brienne and Jaime are the new Hulkeye, plan accordingly.

Every conversation with Margaery Tyrell.


Ygritte flirting: you’re doing it right.


This was a fun week. 

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