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Now you know who to vote for.

How Bowser has so many ties to the White House, I’ll never know

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is this the rise of the brave tangled frozen dragons

no actually it’s even better than that

this is a still from a 1990 television special entitled, “cartoon all-stars to the rescue,” which, literally, was absolutely nothing but half an hour of beloved children’s cartoon characters attempting to get that kid in the blue to stop smoking pot.

it opens with a brief clip of george h.w. bush and barbara bush sitting in the oval office, petting their dog. the president of the united states looks into the camera and says, “some of your favourite cartoon characters will help you understand how drugs and alcohol can ruin your life.”

and that brief clip alone would be worth the price of admission but then we get into the actual story, which begins with a teenage boy smashing his kid sister’s piggy bank to buy pot. while alvin and the chipmunks look on in abject terror. and winnie the pooh exclaims, “oh my!” and then the kid runs off to buy pot in an alley and bugs bunny appears out of nowhere dressed as a cop, picks a joint off the pavement, and launches into an anti-drug spiel.

it’s actually really not the kind of thing that can be put into words so here’s the full half-hour video, knock yourself out

oh my GOD

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That’s some digital shade right there

I didn’t know lilimon was a digital hunty.

digivolved just to drag ha

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137,298 plays American Beef Story

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472,312 plays "Fart on your body I came alive"

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can ur child serve like this

oh my fucking god




Fire Lord Ye and Water Tribe Princess Kim

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